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07:31pm 19/07/2006
  I'm new, but these are the two couples I would like.

#1:  Berry Shirayuki x Tasuku Meguro 


#2:  Lettuce Midorikawa x Ryou Shirogane

I just think they both are so great together.
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01:35pm 21/01/2006
  I claim Ryo/Ichigo, as there doesn't seem to be too many claims on it, as well as Purin/Tart and Masaya/Mint. (I'm probably the only one who thought they would have been cute together... ^_^').  
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10:15pm 26/11/2005
  hey im claiming the ichigo X masaya couple.
love them both!

i do too love RYOU and ICHIGO together though.
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Sorry for the inconvenience!!! 
09:38pm 22/11/2005
  Okay, for a while i was doing other things... but i'll have this community under maintnence is a few days. I just sorta lost track of things. n_n; i'll take ur requests and stuff soon, but be patient!!!  
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04:13pm 06/11/2005
  hey i'd like to claim ryou x ichigo if there aren't too many!

the reason-

they are just too cute together! it's so much fun to watch these two interact with each other, and i get frustrated that this coupling didn't get more attention..! ryou and ichigo were totally meant to be!(they look so cute together!)

ps. i'm at tmm rating and i haven't been stamped yet, if you're really nice will you come and rate me please? thanks! ^^
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more banners 
04:19pm 16/10/2005
mood: accomplished
Okay, so I saw we had a Pai/Zakuro fan but couldn't find any good 'ship pictures, so I made a 300x150 banner using the little pictures from one of the character guide sheets. I had so much fun I made more for every otehr claim I remembered that we had & saved the template. So, without further ado, I giveth you banners.
sharing the loveCollapse )

So there it is. If anyone digs these/ I forgot the most cutest ship of all, ____! Let me know. ^-^

edit/PS: If you're a member of tmmrating, please rate me. Apparently I'm confusing, but I want to be stamped. ^^;
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Claiming a Couple 
10:27am 13/10/2005
mood: happy
I'm claiming Zakuro/Pai. I'm really surprised no one has claimed it yet. Both so cold and emotionless... I drew a Zakuro/Pai drawing, and made an icon out of it.
Clickity here for pics!Collapse )
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Hey guys! 
07:49am 11/10/2005
  Yep, new here :3. I would like to claim IchigoxRyo and IchigoxMasaya, if they haven't been taken too many times that is. Thanks <3  
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09:12am 17/09/2005
mood: chipper
I made several icons for tmm_awards last week, and I'm going to set up a post to tmmicons with all of them, but I figured I'd post the couple ones here first.
The birdy chirped 3 timesCollapse )

I'll be editing this post whenever I have any more icons or other graphics featuring Zakuro/Minto.
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05:20pm 14/09/2005
  Hey I'm new here ^.^ I don't know if they've already been claimed, but if not, could I claim Berii/Meguro and Minto/Zakuro? Thanks :)  
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06:36pm 13/09/2005
  Hi! I'd like to claim the couples IchigoXMasaya and RetasuXRyou.  
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12:34pm 13/09/2005
  I am new and i claim...Ichigo and Kish, Ichigo and Ruyo, Ruyo and Keicherro that is all.Btw my name is Naheed.  
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10:08pm 12/09/2005
mood: grateful
I used a new method...a cooler method...for the last few.

All my claim banners so far, take 'em!!!Collapse )

Banners so far:
Ryou x Keiichiro
Ichigo x Masaya
Ichigo x Keiichiro
Minto x Zakuro
Berii x Tasuku (wasnt sure on whether to call him meguro or tasuku, but w/e...)

If anyone wants to contribute and make banners of their own, then feel free to! c'yas.
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I made claiming banners!!! 
06:08pm 11/09/2005
  New ones are gonna be up on the profile page...well, once i've finished them all... then i'll start giving them to ppl as they claim.

For now, whoever claimed Ryou x Keiichiro can take this one.Collapse )

c'yas and happy claiming!

EDIT: fixed the cut, i accidentally sed "Ryou x Ichigo"...DUHHH...sry!!!
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07:42pm 10/09/2005
mood: bored
Thx so much for joining. ^_^

so, i changed the rules...the limit to pre-claimed couples is now 5. (dances) i an change that if anyone has questions tho.

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03:55pm 09/09/2005
mood: amused
Nai~ ::wave:: Mind if I claim ShiroganexRetasu?

As for the why.. well, I love the fact that Retasu seems to gain more confidence whenever Shirogane encourages her to do something. In the manga, Shirogane gives her some ordinary juice when Retasu becomes sea-sick on the yacht (but claims that this juice will cure her of her 'illness'). Retasu soon became better, and later thanks Shirogane for giving her the drink. But Shirogane just smiles and tells her to have more confidence in herself. (This scene in the manga probably was what made me fall in love with the couple in the first place)

Later on in the anime, it becomes really clear that Retasu has a crush on Shirogane - she blushes even at the mere sight of him. Retasu greatly admires and looks up to Shirogane - and he gives her great boosts of confidence every so often.

I also believe that Retasu seems to bring out the good-ness (ne, is that even a word? O.o;) of Shirogane as well. When she dropped a teapot on his toe, Shirogane merely gave a weak smile and dismissed it as nothing (even though it was plainly obvious that she must've hurt that toe pretty badly..). It's also noted that Shirogane's a whole lot nicer to Retasu than certain others (may I say Ichigo?), and usually is sincere when he speaks to her.

Meh... I could probably go on, but those are only a few of the reasons I love this couple so much. x3;
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01:40pm 09/09/2005
  Hello! I found this community through a link in another TMM comm.. and it looks like I already know somebody here, too. Hi, Inu-chan! *waves* ^o^

Anyway, on the the claiming. <3

The first couple I'd like to claim is my favorite pair from the series (and please don't shoot me for this): Ryou Shirogane x Akasaka Keiichiro. I like them as a couple because they've known each other for longer than anyone else in the series, and are no doubt very close to each other. I can easily see them as a couple, or just as very close friends. Either way, this is my favorite couple in the series (leave it to me to be a shounen-ai fan even in a series like this).

Also, I'd like to lay the final claim on Aizawa Mint x Fujiwara Zakuro. They're my second favorite couple, and for reasons people have already stated, I love seeing them together. I think the way Mint idolizes Zakuro is really adorable. ♥

I might make another claim later, but I'm not sure yet. I'd like to have a boyxgirl couple so I can have one of each, but I haven't decided which I want yet. XD So maybe I'll post again later.

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Good... morning... x-o; (It's 1:30AM) 
01:23am 09/09/2005
mood: sleepy
I just joined, when I saw the little add via the Tokyo Mew Mew Community. Yeah. Pardon the lack of brains, I'm tired. =_=;;

Anyway, I'd like to claim Ryou Shirogane x Ichigo Momomiya.

The why speech: I really love how these two interact. Ryou's the secretive/lonely genius who puts on the "I'm so tough, nothing bugs me" exterior, and Ichigo is the chipper/friendly/etcness leader of the Mew Mews that he decides to pick on. I think it's pretty obvious that he likes her (there are plenty of things that hint that, and Ikumi said so herself in one of the pages in the back of a later volume "Masaya, Ryou, and Kish"), since he seems to be keeping an especially watchful eye out for her whenever she's in trouble, and he doesn't treat anyone else the same way. He's nice to Lettuce, he's fairly normal around the other girls... but with Ichigo? *insert forehead flick here* And then there are those times when they're not bickering, where she thinks he might actually be a really nice guy, yada yada blush blush. I think I've exhausted that point.

Next point, they have the same DNA. I'm assuming this, anyway, since they can both turn into cats, course Ryou might not necessarily be Iriomote Wildcat.... I really like that common bond that they share, though. It's an especially fun element for fanfiction...

Bleh, my brain's about asleep. Even towards the end, when Ryou's realized he has no chance of winning Ichigo, since she obviously loves Masaya with all her heart, he's still protecting her and assuring her that everything will turn out. On the other hand, in one episode Ichigo was commented to Masaya that Ryou was extremely rude and awkward, but that he was actually a good guy, so I think somewhere along the way Ichigo gained some understanding of how he works, and perhaps considers him a friend at least.

Blegh, I did them no justice, but it should be pretty obvious that I'm a big supporter of this couple. x-x;
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11:29pm 08/09/2005
mood: tired
I'd like to claim the couple,Berii ShirayukixTasuku Meguro,please.

My reasons are because:

1.They become an official couple anyway.

2.They look really cute together in my opinion.

3.Meguro is obvisiously crazy about Berii(if you have read the manga)and Berii seems to be infatuated by his attention for her.

4.There are some hints of their relationship that can be read in the manga.
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11:18pm 08/09/2005
  I make a motion to claim AkasakaxRei, xD. A ZakuroxKeiichiro shipper has recently moved to argue that the two broke up, and that therefore, they're not canon and that ZxK really could work out, so yeah. Also, I just love Rei's love of butterflies, x3, and how Keiichiro bakes her a cake for her birthday every year. It's a shame she only appeared in that one episode D:

I also make a motion to claim AoyamaxIchigo, for Aoyama is muchly unloved by a majority of the ShiroganexIchigo and QuichexIchigo shippers, mainly because he exists and is in love with Ichigo (and it's "so obvious that they'll end up together", even though this is pretty much a staple of most mahou shoujo stories/anime). Then again, SeiyaxUsagi shipper peoples kinda hate Endymion/Mamoru from Sailormoon for the same reasons. x-x;
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