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Good... morning... x-o; (It's 1:30AM)

I just joined, when I saw the little add via the Tokyo Mew Mew Community. Yeah. Pardon the lack of brains, I'm tired. =_=;;

Anyway, I'd like to claim Ryou Shirogane x Ichigo Momomiya.

The why speech: I really love how these two interact. Ryou's the secretive/lonely genius who puts on the "I'm so tough, nothing bugs me" exterior, and Ichigo is the chipper/friendly/etcness leader of the Mew Mews that he decides to pick on. I think it's pretty obvious that he likes her (there are plenty of things that hint that, and Ikumi said so herself in one of the pages in the back of a later volume "Masaya, Ryou, and Kish"), since he seems to be keeping an especially watchful eye out for her whenever she's in trouble, and he doesn't treat anyone else the same way. He's nice to Lettuce, he's fairly normal around the other girls... but with Ichigo? *insert forehead flick here* And then there are those times when they're not bickering, where she thinks he might actually be a really nice guy, yada yada blush blush. I think I've exhausted that point.

Next point, they have the same DNA. I'm assuming this, anyway, since they can both turn into cats, course Ryou might not necessarily be Iriomote Wildcat.... I really like that common bond that they share, though. It's an especially fun element for fanfiction...

Bleh, my brain's about asleep. Even towards the end, when Ryou's realized he has no chance of winning Ichigo, since she obviously loves Masaya with all her heart, he's still protecting her and assuring her that everything will turn out. On the other hand, in one episode Ichigo was commented to Masaya that Ryou was extremely rude and awkward, but that he was actually a good guy, so I think somewhere along the way Ichigo gained some understanding of how he works, and perhaps considers him a friend at least.

Blegh, I did them no justice, but it should be pretty obvious that I'm a big supporter of this couple. x-x;
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